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How to Do Cartoon-Style Graffiti

Learn how to do cartoon-style graffiti in this Howcast video.


Hi I'm [Pays164] and I'm going to talk to you about Graffiti in a cartoon style. Really elaborating and exaggerating whatever you're doing. Taking your letters and stretching them out, mixing bubble styles with block styles, and really getting elaborate with the colors. That's probably about the best way to describe a cartoon style.

You got different styles, you can have something that's considered more tribal because of sharper points and how the piece might be stretched out, 3D pieces because of the 3D and the dynamics of the graffiti piece. But definitely in a cartoon style it's just all about being fun and bright and colorful and maybe adding aspects, pieces, teeth, an ear, anything to make it funny and stand out. Just my style here alone is very much cartoonish with the bulky turns and the really bright colorful inner out lines and outer out lines and kind of simple silhouettes of the buildings you know. It's just kind of my rendition of how I do my name but you know to everybody could be very much seen as a cartoon style with the colors and the way I've done my piece.

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