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How to Create a Wildstyle Piece of Graffiti

Learn how to create a wildstyle piece of graffiti in this Howcast video.


Are you back with [Pays164]. I'm going to bring you back to a couple techniques of shadowing. First with wild style, now dealing with a wild style not to much 3D going on, its kind of flat, its more of a merging of the letter over lapping each other.

So a good placement of shadow and a flat piece like this would be just pointing out those overlapping parts of the letter. Such as my P rocking right over my A. so with the outline being right here I'm actually taking a black as a good shadow color and just fading. Same as the techniques that are on the flare video. All the way down so that when I come back to complete my piece different areas that I highlighted and shadowed will almost see to pop and peel away from the other letters.

One more thing to keep in mind when your creating your wild styles shadowing and shading is not over kill it, you still got along way to go with this piece. As some of these colors come into play might be saturated with too much shadowing.

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