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How to Shadow & Shade a Wildstyle Graffiti Piece

Learn how to shadow and shade a wildstyle graffiti piece in this Howcast video.


Hey, this is [Pays164] ,and here's some techniques on how to create a wild style graffiti piece. When creating wild style you still can't completely lose your letter. So a little simpler here, as you can see, is an A. The building up with turns and kinks, that in turn build to other turns and kinks and bends, will create a style that's considered more wild. As you can see here, a P; but we're just kind of building up and creating turns and kinks again, that are kind of leading to the A. It's almost like cursive lettering, how they freely lock together but a little more creative with the different styles and shapes you want to use. In reference to shading techniques.

So when you're filling in your graffiti piece, keep in mind, especially with 3-D, that you're going to be going through different tones of the color and you don't want to layer it too much. Get a good tip, a skinny, something maybe a three-finger fat, that you're going to be able to smoothly apply the color and move on when you come back and shade. Again, ain't nothing bad but a big old chunk of wet paint sitting there so you can ruin your future color.

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