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How to Tag

Learn how to tag in this Howcast video about graffiti art.


Hi, I'm [Paisel] with 164, and today I'm demonstrating a little bit of tagging. Tagging is really just coming up with your own style to put your own signature down. Many styles are out there. Do something very simple and long. Maybe something just a little more graffiti-ish by rocking your letters side to side to get your name down.

Now both in [fat calve, skinny calve] it doesn't really matter what tip you're going to use. Different styles of tagging is really just up to you. Using different types of tips to achieve a fat to skinny line definitely can a play a part in your type of style. You could flair your letters up and down. Or you could just simply, I mean I guess there are just so many ways you could do it. It's really all up to you. Everybody's tag is going to be a reflection of their own style. Keeping that in mind, you know, darker colors on light walls. Lighter colors on dark walls.

Skinny tips, fat tips, it doesn't really matter. I mean the real point of tagging is just to have your own personal style along with your name. Everybody's trying to get into graffiti. Everybody wants everybody to recognize their stuff. It's got to be more than simply doing some typewriter block print. Develop your style. Twist your letters. Have fun with it. Develop your own style. Follow some of the techniques you learn in these videos. You'll be rocking for show.

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