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How to Pronounce an Umlaut

Learn how to pronounce an umlaut in this German lesson from Howcast.


How to pronounce an Umlaut. Three vowels in the German language have an umlaut. A, O and U. A with an umlaut becomes AA. O with an umlaut becomes Ou, and U with an umlaut becomes EU.
Here are some examples of words with an Umlaut. Nahe is close, Naher is closer. Nahe - Naher.
Nahe - Naher.
Now you try.
Vogel is bird.
Vogel is birds, with an umlaut. Vogel - Vogel.
Now you try.
Bruder is brother.
Bruder is brothers, with an umlaut. Bruder - Bruder
Now you try.
And that's how you pronounce an umlaut.

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