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How to Say "Thank You" in German

Learn how to say "thank you" in German in this German lesson from Howcast.


How to say, "Thank you." Danke. Danke.
Now you try.
Or you could say, "Danke schon. Danke schon."
Now you try.
You could also say, "Thank you very much." Vielen Dank. Vielen Dank.
Now you try.
You might say, "I appreciate your help." Ich bin dankbar fur Ihre Hilfe.
Ich bin dankbar fur Ihre Hilfe.
Now you try.
A less formal version would be, "Ich bin dankbar fur deine Hilfe."
Ich bin dankbar fur deine Hilfe.
Now you try.
And that's how to say, "Thank you."

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