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How to Swim Faster

Learn how to swim faster in this swimming lesson from Howcast.


How to swim faster doing the front crawl. It's very important that you start off in a very tight, streamlined position, glide and kick as fast as you can. If you're going to be doing a short distance sprint, you don't have to breathe that much. You can really just focus on pushing your arms through the water, and having a nice long stroke, and kicking your feet as fast as possible.

To swim faster, you don't necessarily need to move your arms faster and shorter, because that will waste more energy. In order to swing faster, it's important that you get as much distance per stroke as possible, so you gain more yardage as you're moving forward. So you want to have nice, long arms pushing you through the water with your face in the water, and your head nice and steady as your body swimming through a narrow tunnel, and it rotates from side to side. Your kick is moving as fast as you can, up and down. Those are some things that can help you have a fast front crawl.

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