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How to Flip Turn while Swimming Freestyle

Learn how to flip turn while swimming freestyle in this swimming lesson from Howcast.


How to flip turn while swimming the front crawl. As you're approaching the wall during your freestyle as you come closer to the wall in about an arms length you begin to do a somersault. What we would call outside the water a somersault in the water, we call that a flip. Couple of elements that go into a good flip turn; the chin comes close to the chest, the knees come close to the chest, and you do a somersault in the water. Plant your feet against the wall and then push off in a streamline position, a little bit on your side as you push off your body rotates to go back on its belly and you begin to glide and kick from the wall and break into your freestyle stroke. And that is how we do the flip turns for the front crawl.

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