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How to Move Arms for Breaststroke

Learn how to move your arms properly while doing the breaststroke in this online swimming lesson from Howcast.


How to do the arms for the breaststroke. To begin the breaststroke pull you start off with both of your arms in a shoulder width position. Begin to pull with both arms at the same time into a circle, bringing your arms into a 90 degree angle. As your arms come to right about where your shoulders are, you begin to recover your arms forward by pushing your arms in front of you again. In breaststroke it's very important that you keep the arms in front of you the whole time. Do not bring your arms down to your hips because this will create resistance and your stroke will become inefficient.

In breaststroke, the pull is followed by a kick right away. The kick in breaststroke helps your arms move forward into the original position so you can start your breaststroke pull again. So, the way it works is that you pull and then kick with your legs to bring your arms forward. Pull, kick with your legs to bring your arms forward. That is how we do the breast stroke arms.

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