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How to Breathe during the Breaststroke

Learn how to breathe properly while doing the breaststroke in this online swimming lesson from Howcast.


How to breathe while we're doing the breaststroke. The breathing in breaststroke comes right after the pull, and right before you kick. So, when you are doing the breathing, it's important to have a good head position, and keep your head position steady while you're doing the breathing. You begin to pull with your arms in the water. As soon as you begin to pull your arms, your head comes out of the water, take a quick breath, and your face goes right back in as your legs begin to kick and push you forward.

When doing the breathing in breaststroke, you want to keep your head in a position, always in the same position. So as you take a breath, your eyes are always looking down in the same position almost at a 90 degree angle. You don't need to bring your head out and move your head around, to take a breath. The head instead, just remains nice and steady in the same position, so you are able to get into a good inline position as you finish your stroke and glide forward. That's how we breathe when doing the breaststroke.

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