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How to Do the Breaststroke

Learn how to do the breaststroke in this online swimming lesson from Howcast.


How to do the breaststroke. There are four components of doing the breaststroke. Pull, breathe, kick, and glide. All of those four steps come in order. First you begin to pull with your arms, then you take a good breath, kick, bring your face back into the water, and then glide until you begin to lose momentum, and then do everything again. Pull, breathe, kick, and glide.

When swimming the breaststroke, you want to finish the breaststroke at the wall, with both hands. It's called a two hand touch. As you near to the wall, and you're about an arm distance away, you take your last stroke, throw your arms forward, glide forward, and touch the wall with both hands. That's how we finish the breaststroke.

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