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Head-High Freestyle & Tarzan / Lifeguard Approach Stroke

Learn how to do the head-high freestyle stroke and the Tarzan stroke aka the lifeguard approach stroke in this online swimming lesson from Howcast.


How to swim front crawl with your head outside the water, Tarzan freestyle, or the lifeguard approach freestyle. All of these terms pretty much mean the same thing, you're gonna be doing the front crawl like you usually do but this time when your doing your front crawl your going to keep your face outside the water with your chin close to the water, right on top of the water as your doing the crawl. As your swimming the freestyle keep your face outside the water, keeping your eyes focused on one target.

Avoid moving your head from side to side when your swimming the Tarzan or the lifeguard approach stroke. Keep your chin right above the water so your knees, your feet don't sink too much into the water and you can have nice short strokes with your high elbows for your lifeguard approach, Tarzan freestyle, head outside the water front crawl. By keeping your head and your face outside the water and your chin in the water, your able to breathe and keep an eye out on whats going on outside the water for orientation if your an outdoor swimmer or if your saving a life like a lifeguard would. That's how you swim with your face outside the water doing the front crawl.

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