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How to Dog Paddle

Learn how to dog paddle in this online swimming lesson from Howcast.


Doggy paddle is a great elementary way to swim through the water for kids, for adults alike. It's a great way to recreationally swim, and to have control and manage your body in the water.

How to do the doggy paddle. Keep your arms in front of you and just slightly reach and pull with one arm, then the other arm and keeping your face in the water. As you're exhaling, blowing bubbles in the water come up for breath whenever you need to. Coming up for breath during doggy paddle is very easy. Just lift your face outside the water, up to your chin, bring your face back in to continue doggy paddling.

Doggy paddle is a great technique to manage your body, to be safe in the water, for kids and for adults, specially good for beginner swimmers as they are beginning to develop their strokes and get comfortable and safe in the water. Doggy paddle can help them breath properly. That's how you do doggy paddle.

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