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How to Swim Laps

Learn how to swim laps in this online swimming lesson from Howcast.


Swimming laps. It's important to maintain a good etiquette when swimming laps. Swimming laps in a swimming pool, you're going to be usually in a lane line, sharing the lane line with maybe one or two or three or four other people; sometimes even six if you're swimming in a swim team class or in an intermediate swim class.

To properly swim laps, you want to swim on the right side of the lane line, so you don't bump into the other swimmer that's swimming in the left side. It's like driving a car. You're going to swim down your right side going down, and then when you're coming back, you're again, going to swim on the right side so you don't bump into a swimmer that's swimming on the opposite side.

A good way to keep your awareness as where you are in your lane line is by noticing the divider. There's a line that splits the lane line in half. You want to swim between the line and the lane line. This will help you to be oriented as where you are in your lane so you don't harm yourself or get yourself into any trouble by bumping into another swimmer that might be swimming in the opposite side of you. That's how we swim laps.

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