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3 Breaststroke Tips

Pick up three tips for doing the breaststroke in this online swimming lesson from Howcast.


Here's some useful tips for your breaststroke. When you're doing the breaststroke it's very important that you take your time and glide in between each stroke. The glide really allows you to gain distance and feel the momentum from the propulsion that you get from each stroke. The gliding breaststroke comes after you complete the three components of breaststroke, which are the pull, the breath, the kick, then finally comes the glide. Another great tip for breaststroke is to keep your arms in front of you the whole time.

In breaststroke, except for the breaststroke pullout, which is done underwater, the arms are always staying in the front and reaching forwards, as much as they can. You don't want to bring your arms past your shoulder line, because then you'll be creating resistance, and your stroke will become more inefficient. Another great tip for breaststroke is keeping your head steady. You want to keep your head at a steady position so your head is always in the same position. You don't want to move your head in an unnecessary way by bobbing it up and down.

This will create more drag and add more time to your stroke. By keeping your head position always the same, and keeping your eyes looking at 90 degrees all the time, your head position will help you streamline your breaststroke, make it a lot more efficient, and faster when you're doing the breaststroke. These are some great breaststroke tips.

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