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Best Conversation Starters for Flirting

Pick up some great conversation starters in this online flirting lesson from Howcast.


Speaker 1: So, you come here often?

Speaker 2: Wow. That's one of the one's you hear so often and people try to figure out the best thing. What's the worst thing you've heard?

Speaker 1: I think that one was pretty bad, actually.

Speaker 2: Yeah, that's pretty good.

Speaker 1: You know, what I like to tell people to do is have something in the environment to talk about. It's the easiest way to start a conversation, but even just going after someone and saying 'hi my name is'...

Speaker 2: I've done that so many times! I have had nothing, you know, that pops into my head to say and just walk up like 'hi, my name is Hunt, I'd like to meet you.' That's ahead.

Speaker 1: Exactly, and how hard is that?

Speaker 2: You're going to give them the benefit of the doubt right at least for the little bit?

Speaker 1: Unless they're creepy.

Speaker 2: Right. So, I guess the biggest thing is don't come up with a creepy conversation starter.

Speaker 1: Creepy conversation starters are, like, pickup lines that really should be retired in general. Between 'hi', and the also just taking something like say we're in a coffee shop and I'm behind you online and you're ordering something, a conversation starter in that case is I could be like 'oh, what did you order? That sounds really good!' Using something in the environment that's not sexual, or it's not 'hey baby', gets them to start talking to you without making them feel like you're hitting on them. That's huge for a guy coming onto a girl.

Speaker 2: One of the things that I always say too is assume that you're already friends. Like, if you're coming up to someone new saying 'oh, excuse me, pardon me, could I butt in?' it takes you so long to kind of get into it. If you see someone with a dog and say 'oh my god! I miss my dog! It's so cute! Its leg is gray, what is this? Yeah, look!'

Speaker 1: 'You have a dog? I love dogs too!'

Speaker 2: Yeah! It makes you go more into that conversation I would think.

Speaker 1: Exactly, have some sort of commonality.

Speaker 2: The main thing, and we'll get into this a lot too, is if you're comfortable with what you're saying it allows the other person to be comfortable and want to know more about you.

Speaker 1: Exactly, just don't be awkward.

Speaker 2: Guy's egos are much more fragile than women's and they think that they have to come in with this beautifully polished awesome thing.

Speaker 1: Speech.

Speaker 2: Where you should just come out and say 'hey!'

Speaker 1: Hey, I'm Rachel, nice to meet you.

Speaker 2: Hunt. It's a pleasure.

Speaker 1: Connections!

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