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How to Flirt with Guys

Learn how to flirt with guys in this online flirting lesson from Howcast.


Rachael DeAlto: All right so I might have a little experience in this one.

Hunt Ethridge: Think so?

Rachael: Maybe a little bit about how to flirt with guys. And it's such a great topic because a lot of women feel like they can't flirt with guys because they're gonna come off as easy or it's all about sex immediately which, typically with a lot of men, that's where their brain goes.

Hunt: It could be but so much of it too is it's supposed to be playful but banter back and forth.

Rachael: Exactly.

Hunt: You know, back and forth and you know.

Rachael: Tease a little bit.

Hunt: Exactly.

Rachael: I say for men, the easiest thing to pay attention to when you're flirting with a guy is one, to make the eye contact because men really want to engage with you in their visual so you have to really make the eye contact and touch is so big when it comes to flirting with the guys.

Hunt: Absolutely. I'm so glad that you said that.

Rachael: But not too much touch because that leads them into the, "Oh wait, she just wants to sleep with me."

Hunt: Right, straight past the interesting flirt time and into the just take to bed time.

Rachael: Exactly.

Hunt: Yes. The toughest thing I think is for people to know to dole out how much and how little. So what would you say?

Rachael: For touch? I would say first of all pay attention to the body part that you're going onto. I like to start with the forearm because there's really nothing that's gonna lead to the bedroom if you're touching their forearm.

The shoulder is also a pretty safe spot. But once you get to like a knee or anywhere else it becomes a little complicated to stop their thought process because guys tend to think along the lines of, "Where is this going?"

Hunt: Yep.

Rachael: In terms of not the relationship but the night. So absolutely one or two seconds of a touch and then let it step away.

Hunt: One of the things that I've always enjoyed is that guys like to be a little irreverent and ball busting and stuff sometimes too. So when a girl can kind of come up and be playful with that too, immediately you know, it perks them up and, "Wow, this is an interesting girl, I'm gonna take notice of this."

Rachael: Exactly. Exactly and also just being a very go with the flow, good energy type person is so important when it comes to men because guys, they don't want the drama.

Hunt: Right.

Rachael: They don't want you to come off as super high maintenance when you first meet them but if you come up to them and you're just one of those. Not that you have to pretend to be a cool girl but if you're actually a little bit less reserved and more focused on having a good time that's when the flirtation comes and it's when it works the best.

Hunt: Yes. I think that she hit on a great point here and that is make sure you're having fun first. If you're not having fun they can't have fun or be comfortable so don't put yourself in a position where it feels very uncomfortable to you also.

Rachael: Yeah. Yeah. Uncomfortable flirting never works.

Hunt: Yeah. No and make sure you get out there girls because we do like it.

Rachael: Grrrr.

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