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How to Flirt with Your Crush

Learn how to flirt with your crush in this online flirting lesson from Howcast.


Rachael DeAlto: You wanna know how to flirt with your crush. Which, it can be really intimidating when you like somebody. We've all been there when you're like, "Oh, I really." I, you know, you like make him a mix tape back in the 80's and I just dated myself. But, there's all these things that come with those crushes, these emotions, that make it really intimidating.

Hunt Ethridge: Oh yeah. Just a little bit. And somehow you can talk to your friends without stumbling over your words but then you start talking to the object of your affection and you just blaa, blaa, blaa.

Rachael: Right. Blahh. Yeah. I think it's attitude.

Hunt: Yep.

Rachael: What I work with a lot of times with my clients is just getting the right mentality. If they like somebody, it's so hard to start that conversation or keep that conversation going. But if you go in there with the attitude of, "I just want to be friends with you." So if you know a girl that you have a crush on or if you have a guy that you have a crush on, start talking to them on a friendly level.

Hunt: Yeah.

Rachael: Don't even bring up anything related to dating, sex relationships, to any old you are. But just start conversations. Start, you know, playing a sport that they like to play. If you can sign up for something that they're involved in to spend more time with them. And let them know, "Hey, wait a second. They're a really cool person. I might want to date them." Instead of coming up and being all nervous and then something like, "I like you."

Hunt: Right. And with the dealing with the nerves and stuff too. One of the things that I teach my clients to is to come in with a goal, but make sure that goal's achievable. So many guys, when they want to go up and talk to a girl they're like, "Okay. I'm gonna go up and talk to her. It's gonna be the greatest conversation ever! I'm gonna ask her out. We're gonna have an amazing date!" They're so far ahead of themselves. Keep your goals as simple like, "I want to find out if she likes animals. I wanna find out where she grew up. I wanna find out where she'd love to go on vacation." They're very simple things. And one, it gives you something great and comfortable to talk about. And two, since you're thinking about this goal that you want to achieve, the body language becomes easier. You become less nervous, and it gives you something to try to achieve in that interaction. And I think that women especially can sense when the person is more comfortable, you know?

Rachael: Absolutely. And to touch on something that you just said, which I think is so huge. In every aspect of having a crush on someone you have so many expectations. There's so many dreams like, "Oh, I can picture us going here together or doing this together."

Hunt: Yes. Rachael and Hunt forever.

Rachael: Forever! But, expectations are the root of all of your frustrations. So just keeping your expectations in check, just like Hunt was talking about having set goals. Making sure that you don't have really huge expectations for where this is gonna go. But, have an expectation of connecting with them and then see what happens.

Hunt: Yep. Exactly.

Rachael: Go for it!

Hunt: Get your crush.

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