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5 Flirting Tips for Girls

Learn the top five tips for flirting with girls in this online flirting lesson from Howcast.


Rachel: So let's give some tips for women, because women need to flirt

Hunt: They do.

Rachel: They actually need to flirt just as much as guys do. And they
don't think it. So my first tip for women is to redefine what flirting is
in your head, make sure that you understand that it's not always about sex,
just because you're flirting with him doesn't mean that he want to have sex
with you.

Hunt: What is it then?

Rachel: It's all about making you feel good.

Hunt: Okay.

Rachel: Because guys, maybe you can validate this, like to feel good.

Hunt: We do. And you won't believe it, but guys have a lot times more
fragile egos than girls do. We need a little bit of tlc sometimes.

Rachel: Encouragement.

Hunt: Exactly.

Rachel: See guys have been throwing their heads against walls forever,
because they've always been in position of being the hunter, the pursuer.
So ladies if you flirt with him, and if you understand that you can flirt
with him, you're going to actually do so much better because the guy is going to
be like, "Oh my gosh, I'm interested in her and she's not going to reject me."
So that's my first tip, is really just understanding that you don't have to
want sleep with him, to flirt with him.

Hunt: One of the things I would say is for the ladies, you like to
talk about things you like to talk about. Right? So does the guy and it might
seem kind of boring to you, but ask him about what his interests are, ask him
about what his hobbies are, ask him, you don't necessarily need to, you know... Ask him
why he likes it, because that's going to tell you more about him than just a list of
things that he likes. And everyone likes to talk about what they enjoy, and
even more so people are very interested in people that seem interested in

Rachel: Absolutely, absolutely. And the other thing that I would say for
ladies is don't forget to smile. I see women all the time at a bar
or an event, even at speed dating where everyone's there to meet people to
date, and they're miserable looking. They have this puss on their face.
Your smile will change everything. It will make you look warm and inviting.
And to be honest most guys that I talk to, really want a nice girl, they
might want a nice girl with a little bit of edge, but they want a nice
girl, and being a nice girl can be shown by having a smile on your face,
and looking like you're not miserable.

Hunt: And on that about being nice and have a smile too is, it takes a
lot of chutzpah to come up and talk to a girl, don't shred him.

Rachel: Yeah, be nice.

Hunt: We're trying our best, we may fail a lot, and miserably. Let us
down gently, because that's our greatest fear, is to walk up to a girl and
be like, "Hey how are you doing?"

Rachel: Why are you talking to me?

Hunt: Right? And then we're not going to want to talk to anybody else for
the rest of the night or even the week sometime. So understand that you're
dealing with someone who's trying to make himself get out there too. So be
nice, be receptive, if it's not going well just be polite about disengage

Rachel: Yeah, absolutely karma. Karma people. The third thing that I
would say is to really pay attention to your eye contact, especially with
women that are looking to get approached by guys. Because there's a lot of
women out there that don't like to go up to a man. Which is fine.

Hunt: It's totally fine. Yeah.

Rachel: But there's a way for allowing him to come to you, pretty much a
100 percent of the time if he's interested, if you make eye contact and you smile,
and you make an eye contact for two or three seconds, that's all you need,
cut it off and if he is interested.

Hunt: All we want to know is we're not going to get shot down when we come
up and talk to you. Just that there's a chance that things are going to go
well, that's all we need, and for the most part, we're going to come up and
talk to you. Just knowing that you've got that inviting smile.

Rachel: Aw.

Hunt: Look at that, who could resist this, seriously?

Rachel: So ladies the other thing that you need to remember when
flirting is what your image means, and what you're image is saying without
you saying anything. So put some effort into it. I know.

Hunt: Please.

Rachel: Occasionally it's hard to get out of your flip flops or your UGG's, but
you need to put on a pair of heels.

Hunt: And this isn't saying dress to the nines or anything like that.

Rachel: No, and you don't have to be hanging out or showing everything
down below. But having clothes that fit your body, and really flatter what
you have to work with...

Hunt: It lets us know that you care about your presentation, which
makes us want to know about who this person is that cares.

Rachel: And isn't true that guys are really visual?

Hunt: Absolutely.

Rachel: So the first thing they see is you. It's not your brains.

Hunt: I've had girlfriends that dress in flannels and jeans and no
make up, and they say, "Oh I like the Italian model type boys," and I'm like,
but, and her response was, "Well obviously if they're good people they'll
see what I have inside and underneath, " and just face palm.

Rachel: Yeah, face palm. Because they don't understand the fact that the
guys makes a ten second judgement based on what you're looking like and
whether he wants to take the time to talk to you. So put a little effort

Hunt: Never hurts.

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