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How to Flirt with a Guy in High School

Learn how to flirt with a guy in high school in this online flirting lesson from Howcast.


Speaker 1: Let's talk about how to flirt in high school, because I know a lot of people watching are in high school. They're like, this is some tough stuff.

Speaker 2: Yeah, it can be a lot of self discovery time.

Speaker 1: Yeah. The thing is you want to discover yourself before you get a reputation or before you get in a position where you're going to see this person every single day and feel awkward. My biggest thing in giving you advice on how to flirt with a guy in high school is it's all about keeping it in the friend zone for the beginning. Making sure that you go and talk to him as a friend. Don't put so much pressure on the situation that you have a crush on him and you're looking to get a date or go to a dance or whatever it is. You just want to hang out with him. You want to be friends. Maybe invite a whole group of people...

Speaker 2: ...Yeah...

Speaker 1: the first thing to do. So, if you're looking to hang out with this particular person get a couple of girl friends together. Have them ask a couple of guy friends, and you ask him. Say, hey let's go see a movie, or go hang out at the mall.

Speaker 2: Right. It takes the pressure out of being one on one and you need...

Speaker 1: ...Yeah...

Speaker 2: find things to talk about...

Speaker 1: ...Because the most awkward thing would be if you go up to him. You're like, I like you, we should go here together. If he's like, but I don't like you, then you have to see this person every day for however many years you have left.

Speaker 2: So many times I think girls think that they need to catch the guy's attention strongly, quickly. Sometimes this is done physically, and sometimes this is done overtly. How does that usually end up?

Speaker 1: Not so good, not so good. That's something I think nowadays people think it's okay to be overly in their face and really putting so much effort in as a girl to a guy. But, the fact of the matter is if you start doing that now you're going to continue doing that when you're older. That doesn't work. So, if you feel like you have to put yourself completely out there to attract a guy, don't. Let him go. He'll practice on the other ones. Then you'll be in a better position when you're a little bit older. Because you should never have to chase the guy, go after him, and throw yourself at him...

Speaker 2: ...Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. You may think that. You've seen other girls do it, and they've hooked up or they've dated. So, you think that you need to emulate the same thing. He's not with those girls any more, and there's a reason that he's not with them.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: Be true to yourself.

Speaker 1: Respect yourself.

Speaker 2: Absolutely.

Speaker 1: Have respect for yourself, because you're awesome. Just so you know that - you're awesome...

Speaker 2: ...Oh yeah...

Speaker 1: ...And, you're going to become even more awesome. Keep that in yourself right now, and just understand that you don't have to try that hard. Let him come to you, but do a group setting.

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Have fun. Just have fun.

Speaker 2: Have fun.

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