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How to Flirt with a Girl in High School

Learn how to flirt with a girl in high school in this online flirting lesson from Howcast.


Hunt: So high school, racing hormones, bouncing off the wall, figuring out who you are. Sometimes it's a tough time to try to figure out the best ways of doing things. Looking back at some of the stuff I did in high school, like when you're flirting with girls.

That is the dumbest thing in the world to do, but sometimes guys we don't know how to go about doing it so we kind of we try to be playful the same way we do with our guy friends. Which is [SS]

Never, never. And we try to do fart jokes or things like that that we think are funny because we haven't starting wooing with the opposite sex too often. So the easiest thing would be is try to just find something that she is interested in, and come up and speak to her about it.

If you know she's on the debate team, talk to her about that. If she plays field hockey, find out something to talk about at best. So you're coming and being able to talk to them about something they like and you can actually enter into a conversation in order to spend time together. Sometimes I would suggest searching out things that she likes. If she likes dogs, maybe go volunteer somewhere that you can help out and you can [SS]

Female Participant: So pays for the soccer first, and then find out everything she likes and pretend to like it all.

Hunt: Right. The thing is learn it. Don't come in there and fun be like, yeah, yeah I saw you like Italy they've got like pasta and stuff there. Find out just something about them. Them as a person.

Female Participant: Yeah, and just because I'm laughing at Hunt right now does not mean that these girls will laugh at what he's saying. Listen to what he's saying, and I think that's such great advise of figuring out things they like and it doesn't have to be something in the school zone. It could be like I said something you see on Facebook that " Oh my gosh you went to wherever restaurant, or place that they went on vacation to," and talk about that. Start a conversation.

Women are an emotional connector, and the earlier that you learn that guys the easier life will be dating wise, because we want to have an emotional connection with you even in high school. We just want to know that you like us, we want to be told that we're pretty, we want to be told our things that we like to do are interesting. Those are all things that will connect us together as opposed to you just coming out and be like " Hey."

Hunt: Right, exactly. Emotion comes out of a sense of feeling comfortable with a person. So you really want to take that at the beginning is to let them know you're someone that they can talk to, and spend time with, and feel comfortable with, and so much can be built on that.

Woman Participant: Absolutely.

Hunt: So get out there and talk it. Talk to girls.

Woman Participant: Talk to girls.

Hunt: Yeah, that's the main theme. Talk to girls.

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