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How to Flirt with a Girl on Facebook

Learn how to flirt with a girl on Facebook in this online flirting lesson from Howcast.


Hunt: We can't ignore technology at all because so much of introductions these days at least first of people knowing who they are is done online. Between Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest, and Stumbleupon, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. So knowing how to navigate in a digital world is very important.

Rachel: Knowing what not to do is even more important. So they want to know about how to flirt with the girl on Facebook and I know from my, my personal experience how not to do it.

Hunt: Give me an example of what not to do.

Rachel: Oh my gosh. There's these guys that your not friends with that will go through Facebook like it's an online dating site and click on you and message you and now you have to pay for it and they still do it. And they'll end up in the other box and be like your pretty. Or, you're hot, we should get together. Something really lame that immediately...

Hunt: I don't even really understand that they think that's going to work...

Rachel: It doesn't even work on a dating site.

Hunt: Like, I'm so glad this crazy stranger that I've never met that before is telling me...

Rachel: Want's to sleep with me.

Hunt: ...that I have a great a great body and wants to meet me. I'm totally going to message him. So guys first of all don't be lurkers, don't be stalkers, don't be liking every post, commenting on every post.

Rachel: So this is if your friends?

Hunt: Yes.

Rachel: So if you guys are already friends with the girl that your interested in, absolutely do not like every post and don't go back to the first picture she ever posted on Facebook and like that because she's going to be like what were you doing going through all of my pictures on Facebook?

Hunt: Right. Which I know that we put them all out there.

Rachel: We do.

Hunt: But it's you could be meeting somebody for the first time and you don't say, "Hey what'd you do in third grade?" Because it's not applicable and it's a little bit too deep at that point. So if you're already friends with someone the main thing to do is just kind of look at their new stuff as they put up. Don't really go delve back in from it and just be conversational in your post. Don't like only the things that you like. If you want to send her private message, just comment on something or suggest that they, maybe get together or do something, but don't come up with those lame "I think your pretty. I'd like to see you. Are you dating anyone?"

Rachel: That sounds like they're going to put you in the cellar or something.

Hunt: Now what if they're not already friends? But if they want, they saw like a friend of a friend or something.

Rachel: Which is a great way to meet people. If you see that one of your friends has a really attractive friends posting on their wall and your like hey I'll be really interesting in getting to know them. Message your friend, be like, "Are they single?" Your friend is now your virtual wing woman or wing man and be like I think, insert name here, is interesting I would love to be introduced. And then your friend has the burden of, hey you two should really get together and you don't have to have all that pressure.

Hunt: And again make sure that person message is like, something along the lines of, "Hey you seem really interesting and I noticed that your friends Mike also. You know, just wanting to send you a friend request." Just keep it light.

Rachel: I would actually say not send the friend request, because I'm not a fan of friending people on Facebook that you want to date. Because then they see way too much about your personal life.

Hunt: Interesting.

Rachel: It depends on the person, but for a woman I find that, that gets a little messy on occasion because guys become territorial. They start posting on your wall and then you have other people looking at your wall and they're like.

Hunt: People may not be ready to go immediately asking them for a date too.

Rachel: No, but you can message and talk. You can still talk back and forth or if you're already friends, I know a lot of people are friends with people that they want to flirt with.

Hunt: Right.

Rachel: And you can do the same thing, you can send them that message and start a conversation and talk about something that they posted because that's a conversation starter.

Hunt: And like she kind of mentioned too, don't use Facebook as

Rachel: Yeah.

Hunt: Don't use Facebook as OkCupid. It's a place for friends, okay. Be friendly.

Rachel: Be friends. And you can say, "Hey let's grab a drink," in a mindset that we're just going as friends and see what happens because the chemistry online is different offline. And you don't want to ruin this kind of connected circle that you have on Facebook because you;re all in this together and you don't want it to get awkward.

Hunt: Yes, so be respectful. Be conversational.

Rachel: Be fun.

Hunt: Be fun, like us.

Rachel: High five.

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