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How to Flirt with a Guy on Facebook

Learn how to flirt with a guy on Facebook in this online flirting lesson from Howcast.


Speaker 1:All right. So Facebook is a huge part of flirting and dating. You can't get around it (?) place . . .

Speaker 2:It's like a digital neighborhood.

Speaker 1:Exactly, and you can't get away from it, so you might as well use it to your advantage. I know personally so many women that see a guy on Facebook and they're like, "Really, he's cute. I wonder if he's single. I wonder if he's interested."

Speaker 2:What's the biggest mistake that girls do on Facebook?

Speaker 1:Well, the biggest one that they would do is being overt, and I think the beauty of Facebook is you don't have to be overt. You can be playful, and that's what flirting is.

Speaker 2:Yeah.

Speaker 1:So if you're friends with a guy on Facebook and you think he's cute, maybe you guys went to high school together or grammar school or wherever, or you're just friends from life now, like a couple of his pictures, comment on it, be funny about it. Don't ever be so serious. That's the biggest thing that I see women . . . They'll be like, "Wow, that's really a nice picture." Instead be like, "Oh, my gosh, that's so cute," or something very light.

Speaker 2:Playful is always good.

Speaker 1:Playful and light. Yeah. And would you suggest sending a private message? I think messaging can work.

Speaker 2:I don't think it should be done right at the beginning, obviously, but I think it's something that the guy feels like he's got a little secret. It doesn't have to be anything momentous or deep, but most people are commenting on walls and posts and things like that. When you get a private message, "Oh, I really like that funny comment that you left on Suzie's page," it just lets the guy feel like he had a special little connection with that, and it's really going to make him feel good.

Speaker 1:Yeah, and I think the point of flirting on Facebook is to get the guy to then ask you out.

Speaker 2:Yep.

Speaker 1:So I wouldn't put it out of your head that you can't ask him for coffee, or be like, "Oh, it's been so long since we got together," or, "We're all going out. Why don't you come out?" Make it kind of a group thing, so you don't feel like you're asking him out. But really I think the key is to be playful and, like you said, commenting about something that he did on Facebook that you probably don't want to put on his wall, but you want to give him the opening.

Speaker 2:Right.

Speaker 1:That's what flirting is when women flirt, is giving guys an opening, letting them know (?) receptive.

Speaker 2:One caveat that I would say is that in an average day women use 30,000 words and a guy uses 10,000 words, so we're not as loquacious as the women can be.

Speaker 1:That's a big word.

Speaker 2:I like it. Sometimes my loquacious verbosity gets ahead of me. But just be aware that guys are more succinct, and that look how he's commenting on his other guy friends, because if all of a sudden you come out and you're sending him so many, like you normally would do for your girls' page, it's different. So I'd say less is more in this (?).

Speaker 1:Yeah, don't write a book. Don't write a book. I'm talking like two-sentence messages.

Speaker 2:Yeah.

Speaker 1:And that's you're just sending a zinger of a playfulness out there and seeing what comes back. Yeah, do not write a book, because men will zone out. It's the same thing like an online dating profile.

Speaker 2:Absolutely.

Speaker 1:You write four pages, they're not going to read it.

Speaker 2:You might think that it's the most in depth personal thing, and you were so proud of it, but it's not going to get read . . .

Speaker 1:Yeah.

Speaker 2:. . . until way later down the road. So, yeah, you just keep it interesting, keep it short, keep it sweet, keep it playful.

Speaker 1:Playful. I like playful.

Speaker 2:I like playful, too.

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