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How to Flirt with Your Boyfriend

Learn how to flirt with your own boyfriend in this online flirting lesson from Howcast.


Okay so the topic is how to flirt with your boyfriend. Which is so important because ladies if you got them, you got to keep them. And it's not done once you get them. Absolutely, you have to keep putting effort into it so there's a couple different things that I suggest to women in relationships some of them are techniques and then some of them are activities. So the techniques that I like to talk about are really going back to the basics of paying attention to him, smiling, making eye contact.

I mean like, "Hey Honey, how was your day?", literally touching and we've talked about touch in some of these other videos about where you can't touch. Well, it's your boyfriend you can touch him anywhere. But on that note, we sometimes don't get touched playfully anymore and this. Yes, you forget that. Yea, exactly. Because you're in this relationship and depending on how long you've been there, if it's a couple of years a lot of that initial butterfly, sexy time has gone away so going back to that, being playful, be like, "Hey baby, did you have a good day at work, or school, or whatever it was?" And really connecting with him because that I think is the biggest downfall of relationships is when you stop connecting and that's what flirting is about, it's about connecting with him.

Well its also about, like, I found, women the things that they like to be complimented on the most involve with their body image, and looking good and then feeling pretty with guys it's about their masculinity so we pick something up, so be playful, "Oh, you're strong, look at you carrying that big thing" like we know that you're joking around but we still just get a little bit chuffed up and like, "Yes I am, I am". And the same thing to that, so we agree on the fact that most men their goals are to protect and provide so it's about their strength and about their financial stabilities.

Women are so focused on their own jobs and their own careers, that they forget that your guy needs a lot of attention to in terms of, "Oh my God it's so great that you did at work today!" We need to know that you still appreciate us, and we know that you do, but we need it to be shown just as much as you do. And encourage, be like "Wow, that was really great. I love that you're doing this and that's amazing congratulations on an achievement or things that their working towards". And you know, sometimes, we know that you women are equals in so many things too, but at the same time you keep wanting to prove it which we already understand, let us be guys sometimes, yes I know you can carry that up the stairs, of course you can, but be like, "Oh can you be a nice guy for me and carry that up the stairs. We love to do things for you. Let us do things. Let him do things and touch him while he does it. Can't go wrong.

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