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How to Flirt with Your Husband

Learn how to flirt with your husband in this online flirting lesson from Howcast.


Speaker 1: All right ladies listen up. So, you're married, you're wifed up, you're hanging out and making babies and doing all this fun stuff, but how do you keep that spark alive? How do you flirt with your husband? It's really not that hard because no offense, don't tell them. They're kind of easy.

Speaker 2: We're simple.

Speaker 1: Yeah. They're simple minded. Make them feel like they're a man.

Speaker 2: That's it.

Speaker 1: That's really all you have to do. Make them look like they're the apple of your eye and they're strong and they're care taking . . . . . .

Speaker 2: Strong, powerful providers. That's it.

Speaker 1: God baby, you look hot today.

Speaker 2: Well, I have been working out actually.

Speaker 1: Those muscles are bigger than they were.

Speaker 2: And here it's okay to be playful and over the top with it. Like, oh my God. You're so strong. I could never. You could probably lift the Empire State Building. You're still just kind of like, yeah, I know, yeah.

Speaker 1: And then don't forget to really kind of pay attention to those zones that you might have ignored for awhile. Now, this is a little beyond flirting, but it's pretty darn flirtatious. You know, kissing his neck and really kind of coming up behind him and touching him. Guys love to be touched.

Speaker 2: Yep.

Speaker 1: They're visual and they're essential people.

Speaker 2: Protective people. It's like playing with our hair. Like, when's the last time you played . . .

Speaker 1: . . . . . .

Speaker 2: Yeah and everyone just loves to sit there and just have that you know . . . I'm thinking the most part and anyway is make some time special for them. Just them. Even if it's two minutes of running your fingers through their hair while you're watching TV or something like that. They feel that they're getting pampered and played with and that they're special.

Speaker 1: Put the phone down. Absolutely and focus on them. The other thing that I love and again very a tactile thing is hugging. Hugging is so great and especially when you've been in the relationship for awhile you really don't hug a whole lot. And if you do hug it's kind of like a . . .

Speaker 2: Yeah. Bye bye.

Speaker 1: Yeah. I'll see you later. But do a really embracive hug where you're pushed up against each other and you're rubbing his back. My God you would be surprised at how much just a couple hugs a week will make a huge difference.

Speaker 2: I was at a wedding this past weekend and on the dance floor and this slow song is just being held to each other like making out on the dance floor. We felt like we were teenagers again and just that closeness of being together really just brings those endorphines and dopamine rushing back. It's great.

Speaker 1: . . . . . . and making out. Making out is so huge. When's the last time you made out with your husband? If you've been together for awhile, I know when I was in a very long relationship and married I stopped making out.

Speaker 2: Yep.

Speaker 1: People stop making out. Why do they stop making out? Making out is awesome. So, go make out with them. Recreate your first date . . . . . .

Speaker 2: And one thing that I . . . oh, I'm so sorry.

Speaker 1: That's okay.

Speaker 2: The one thing that I would like to say too is like, women like to be brought flowers. Right? I mean to a degree.

Speaker 1: Yeah. To a degree. Yeah because they die.

Speaker 2: Because this lets you know that they're thinking about them.

Speaker 1: Yes.

Speaker 2: Men . . .

Speaker 1: We like to move up guys.

Speaker 2: Bring a man a little gift that lets you know. Like, a six pack of craft beer or just like a little snack or anything. It's gonna let us know that you took the time out of your day to pick up something and bring it home for us.

Speaker 1: Make them feel special.

Speaker 2: That's all we need.

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