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How to Flirt at Work

Learn how to flirt at work in this online flirting lesson from Howcast.


So, Rachael, I was looking over these TPS Reports and not really sure of all of these line items. Can you help me understand them a little bit better.

That one was for my hair.

And that one was for my makeup.


And that was for.

Do you need all those things?

I do.


I do.

Okay, I mean, it obviously seems like it works, so I mean I guess I can understand that. Maybe we should talk about this later.

Like how?

I was actually. I need to eat before I leave to go home, so I was thinking maybe we could just go over these numbers, I don't know, around the corner at Lynn's.

I guess.

Okay, great.

Is that okay? I mean, I don't want everybody to think something's happening.

No, no, no, it's just, you know, we need to spend some time just kind of going over these things, and I'll be able to expense it as a business dinner and we can kind of go over maybe where you see yourself going in the next couple of years at this position. I'd really like to hear more about how you think you can contribute to work.

I think I contribute a lot.



I'd really love to hear it.

I think that was pretty tame.

That wasn't bad.

So, what we were talking about was how to flirt at work, and this can be something that some people have a lot of different opinions on. Some people say don't do it ever, because it can create weird dynamics, and can go, if it goes bad it can go.

Really bad.

Really bad. However it's one of the prime ways that people are meeting other people.

You spend most your time at work, so it's really natural that you're going to be attracted to people in your workplace and you're going to flirt with them. And in that situation you're the boss, which is kind of weird, because there could be rules against.

The main thing, find out what your HR policy is on this, because some things are absolutely against, and if they have that you can lose your job. In other places, like especially the creatives, much more.

It doesn't matter. And I liked how we showed an example of where it didn't go over the line, so this isn't sexual harassment. When you're flirting at work it's about seeing where the line is; it's about seeing if they're interested, so asking them to grab a drink or grab dinner can be normal.

For a real legitimate reason, that's true.

For a legitimate reason. And throwing a little flirtation in there, you know, having a little touch, or having some really intense eye contact, not super intense, but really paying attention and letting them know that you're interested in those subtle ways can break that barrier. Because you don't want to go full force.

Everyone I think, especially you know, attractive women has had a lascivious boss that could be like really like to, I'm having a party at my place later tonight; you should really come by. It's just not good. It's horrible.

Yeah, it's creepy.

It's not good. So letting them know that you're interested, and then offering to see them outside of the workplace is the biggest thing. You don't want to be at work at the water cooler and being like.


Did you see Breaking Bad last night.

No, why are you touching me?

And that's when lawsuits can happen. So if in doubt, go on the underside of it.

Absolutely. And keep it on the down low, because the worst thing you can do is make out in the office.

It's nobody's business but your own, what's happening between the two of you. So yes, don't tell your work friends about it; don't brag about it, keep it something special between the two of you.

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