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How to Flirt at the Gym

Learn how to flirt at the gym in this online flirting lesson from Howcast.


Speaker 1: Alright, let's talk about flirting at the gym.

Speaker 2: Well, first of all, you look fantastic.

Speaker 1: Aw, thanks! That's flirting.

Speaker 2: So, I imagine you've probably had guys come up to you at the gym.

Speaker 1: It's an interesting place because I'm not a huge fan of it for myself because I do sweat.

Speaker 2: It's just a personal place sometimes where people go to not be judged.

Speaker 1: And not have to put so much effort into it. We've talked about your images being important. So-

Speaker 2: None of us look the best, yeah.

Speaker 1: Yeah, I mean, there are people who look good though and it works for them. So, if you look really hot in your little gym outfit and you put a little makeup on and it seems counter intuitive to go to the gym put together but it can work. My biggest thing is that you need to position yourself in the gym and an appropriate place for flirting. It's not in the weights unless you're going up to someone and saying like 'do you know where the other ten pound is?' The best way, I think, is on cardio. So, if you're on an elliptical and then get on the machine, now a day there are a lot of TVs in the machines so you can say 'oh, are you watching that?' 'is that show good?' and start a conversation.

Speaker 2: Is this machine taken?

Speaker 1: Exactly. I actually ended up on an elliptical and I'll never forget this. This was a couple of years ago. This guy came up next to me and we ended up talking for an hour and a half.

Speaker 2: You're there and you're already doing things.

Speaker 1: It's great!

Speaker 2: It's going to kill the time anyways so you might as well. Guys, understand that women are dressed in things that may make them feel self-conscious. This is not the time to be aggressive and this is not the time to be overt because you're going to kill any chance that you have. Like Rachel was saying, just initiate a conversation and make sure you even go on the underside of being flirtatious and sexual because they're expecting it and worried that you're going to come across as some insidious creep who is trying to pick up the hot girl in spandex, so keep everything at a light, conversational tone and if the conversation goes well then you can ask to meet them afterwards.

Speaker 1: Exactly.

Speaker 2: Go for a date.

Speaker 1: Go, you know, 'I'm going to go across the street for a protein shake' or 'I'm going to grab a smoothie or a juice' and invite them out after the gym. Make it part of that experience. The thing is, if you're a really bad sweater I've met a lot of guys who have a sweating issue and it's not going to help you in the gym sweating. If you are dripping in sweat (say you just did hot yoga or a spin class) or you're a grunter, these are things that are just going to turn them off initially so don't do that at all. If you're a sweater start in the beginning. Don't work out so hard and have that conversation before it gets to that point.

Speaker 2: For the guys...

Speaker 1: Don't look at their boobs.

Speaker 2: Obviously, people wear tight clothes and don't be that guy who's walking by the treadmills going 'yeah!' You know what? Even if they see you do that to someone else, they're thinking you're doing that to everyone and that you're a player and that's not going to go across well.

Speaker 1: So, start a conversation and have fun with it. Have no expectations and grab a protein shake and see what happens.

Speaker 2: Yep, there's always a juice bar around the corner.

Speaker 1: Yes.

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