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How to Flirt at the Mall

Learn how to flirt at the mall in this online flirting lesson from Howcast.


- Rachel DeAlto:Okay. So, I know you guys go to the mall a lot. In my teens I was an avid mall goer. I also grew in New Jersey so it's pretty much par for the course.

- Hunt Ethridge:Same with me, I grew up upstate New York, and as a kid there's not that much to do, especially during the winter time. So, what better place to go where you know you're going to see and run into not only people you're friends with, but people from other schools.

- Rachel:Exactly. You get excited, you can meet new people.

- Hunt:Exactly.

- Rachel:So, what do you do when you're walking around the mall? I'm with two of my girlfriends and you 're with two of your guy friends. How do you start that?

- Hunt:Well, it's kind of tough to go up and break into that. So, things that we would usually do is first look to make sure that we are not going to get shot down. If we see them smiling over at us, "Okay. Alright. We're going to go over and talk to, and just kind be like, 'Hey so, like, what school do you guys go to'"? Just start a conversation, and maybe like, "Hey, want to go and check out the Acrombie and Fitch store because we're all attractive people?"

- Rachel:Under a size 10.

- Hunt: Yeah, exactly. I think changing actual locations, and walking with them is fun because if you're static and sitting at table it can kind of be uncomfortable , like who's sitting next to who, and who's what. Where you guys are walking around, the group can kind of flow around each other, and you can chat, and you can kind of comment on things, and stop in and it's just a lot of fun.

- Rachel:I think the running commentary is so important in the mall because you get all of this stuff to talk about. There are a million types of stores, there's products, "Do you like this shirt?" You can ask for their opinion.

- Hunt: You can go into Toys R Us and be goofy and fun .

- Rachel:Funny, put a hat on. There's so many things that you can do to show your personality. Just make sure , keeping it light is really what's important when you're flirting in general. But, flirting at the mall, it's normally during the day time, or not super late at night, and you're just meeting these people. You want to have fun with them , and get an idea of what they're like. So, asking them what they're favorite store is, and going there, and having them show you what they like about it. There are all good things.

- Hunt: I remember one of the things that I loved to do, even though, is I like to play video games. So, what I would go and go play skee ball, and stuff in the arcade, and win the tickets to try to win them something. Because it's something small, but everytime they look at it they're going to remember you. And you know it's not the having it, it's the fact he got for you. Even if it's just a little, I don't know, rubber koosh or something like that . "Oh, that's so sweet. Thank you for getting that for me."Let them know you appreciate it, even if you do find that you're never going to use it again.

- Rachel:I always wanted a rubber koosh.

- Hunt:Kooshes are awesome.

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