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How to Flirt with Touch

Learn how to flirt with touch in this online flirting lesson from Howcast.


- Rachel DeAlto:Touch.

- Hunt Ethridge:Flirt.

- Rachel:Touch is a really important part about flirting. People can either use too much or too little, and some people are huggy - they're hugging you all the time. Other people are completely terrified of being touched by anybody. So, it's all about finding the right balance.

I like to say, when you're flirting, to start with touching by a forearm, because really, there's nothing about touching his forearm that's going to lead him to believe that we're going to go somewhere right now. But if you touch somewhere else, you can kind of lead them to a different . . .

- Hunt:Like, “Oh, you've got something right there.” It's drawing attention to the lips. These parts of your body, too.

- Rachel:Another place that you can touch that really isn't a sexual place is a shoulder. I mean, it still breaks down that physical barrier. We still have a connection by connecting to each other.

- Hunt:Absolutely. Yep. Breaking the touch barrier is very important. You can't get sexual until you've broken the touch barrier at some point. So, you find a good, easy way to do that. For a guy, I know, to demonstrate the fact about my confidence or leadership, if we're trying to get somewhere, I know the small of a woman's back is always a great place.

- Rachel:Kind of sexy, too.

- Hunt:It is. It's a very sexy place. It is near things that bring attention to it, but in the same way it's demonstrating that you're in control of the situation.

- Rachel:Yes. And a little possessive of her for a moment. "She's mine."

- Hunt: Exactly. Like "Yes, we are together," for whatever this is. Yes, exactly. And in the meantime, too, the arms are the easiest things to touch, and the easiest way to break that touch barrier. If I'm seeing someone that I want to talk to, I might come up and say, "Oh, I just wanted to let you know that those shoes look really gorgeous. I like them a lot."

- Rachel:Thanks.

- Hunt:I'm Hunt.

- Rachel:Rachel.

- Hunt:See? Already we've broken the touch barrier.

- Rachel:Done.

- Hunt: Let her know a compliment, that I found her exciting, and now we're going to enter into a conversation.

- Rachel:Can't wait.

- Hunt: It's going to be awesome.

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