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How to Flirt via Text

Learn how to flirt via text in this online flirting lesson from Howcast.


- Hunt Ethridge:What did you get?

- Rachel DeAlto:I got a message.

- Hunt: What does it say?

- Rachel:Dirty, I can't read it.

- Hunt:Really? So do you flirt over text too?

- Rachel:Of course I do.

- Hunt:What's the most fun thing that you like to do?

- Rachel:You know, I think flirting over text message is all about being playful. You should never put anything serious in a text message. Normally it's a, " Hey, thinking about you", or, " What are you doing later?" Something that starts a conversation instead of, "We need to talk."

- Hunt:I know that, and I hear this from a lot of my female clients that they say the guys when they text they want to open large things like, "So, where did you grow up and what did you do?" This is conversation that's meant to be done over this, over one on one.

- Rachel:One of my friends had a great rule of thumb, so to speak, is that if you can put your thumb over the next message, and it covers all the words that's good. If it goes beyond the thumb, too much text. You need to keep it super short and super sweet and, like I said, not serious.

- Hunt:One of the things that I would do is you send just a funny picture. Something you see or that you get. Again, you just want to let the person know that you're thinking of them over the course of their day.

- Rachel:No dirty pictures though.

- Hunt:No, no.

- Rachel:I have to advise against, because that's going into sexting.

- Hunt:That's just opening too many doors.

- Rachel:It's dangerous.

- Hunt:It is.

- Rachel:It's dangerous. No one needs to see those things blasted on TV.

- Hunt: And no matter how many times they say they're not going to show anybody.

- Rachel:They do.

- Hunt: They will.

- Rachel:However, I do have to say for guys, guys are so visual that texting and flirting over text message should include pictures of you.

- Hunt: Just ones that are PG, PG 13, maybe.

- Rachel:Clothes with a pretty smile, maybe fun eyes that are letting them know that you're into them.

- Hunt: No duck mouth.

- Rachel:No, the duck face is definitely, definitely out here. So, a smile like, "cheese". A good selfie. A good selfie.

- Hunt: Yep. "Hey, thinking of you". I would love that. You're going through your day and all of a sudden you're seeing this beautiful face pop up, and let you know that you're around and what you're doing. Just letting them know that you're thinking about them over the course of the day. I think that's very important too.

I know, for me, I don't dig too much on all of the internet. I like the lol's and stuff like that, but don't get to coded in RU2. When I have people that ask me questions on my advice column , they'll write me and I'll have to decode it.

- Rachel:Yeah. Especially, I find this with a lot of guys that I talk to over text message. Even just friends where they don't spell out any words. Spell words. Words are really attractive. English language is a really attractive quality when you use it correctly. So, use it.

- Hunt: Oh, absolutely, absolutely. Hold on, I've got a text. Oh, I can't tell you. This is going to be good, though.

- Rachel:What are you going to write back?

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