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How to Flirt Dirty

Learn how to flirt dirty in this flirting lesson from Howcast.


Hunt: Sometimes you want to flirt subtly, and sometimes you don't want to flirt subtly. You want to take it dirty, and you want to be fun with it too because you don't want to be crude. You don't want to walk up to someone and say, "Hey, nice..." yeah, that's not going to work. That's not flirting. For me what I like best is subtext. It's the end of the night, I'm like, "It's too bad that you live so far away from this bar in Queens, I just live around the corner. It just makes me happy that I can just be that close." Now what am I saying really.

Rachel: You're saying, come home with me.

Hunt: Right. But I'm not doing it in a way that's going to ask her because then she'd be forced to tell me yes or no, and she might want to but now she has the ability to start being playful even though we know.

Rachel: Exactly, the woman can go back and be like that sounds really great. I'd love to check out your place sometime. I don't know, tonight maybe not.

Hunt: Right. It's letting you know that you're both interested, you're really putting out there what you're interested in, but you're doing it in a way that isn't crass and isn't crude. What about you when you want to be playful and dirty?

Rachel: Well, dirty to me doesn't always have to be dirty dirty. It can be sexy, so I think dirty is all about getting the touch to a place where it might not be normal. So it would be pulling in, talking really close to the person instead of...

Hunt: Whispering in the ear.

Rachel: Yeah. Getting the little tingles over there. Be like oh my gosh you're so cute back there. Things that really are beyond that initial phase is a where you get a little dirty.

Hunt: There's no way that it can be thought of as...

Rachel: This is not mistaken. We are not friends. No.

Hunt: Exactly. And it's fun because you really get to put yourself out there and you never know. They say nine out of ten times it's not going to happen but I guarantee you the one time that it does...

Rachel: You're going to thank us.

Hunt: Yeah. You're going to forget about all the others.

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