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How to Flirt on the Phone

Learn how to flirt on the phone in this Howcast video.


Speaker 1: Ring, ring!

Speaker 2: Hello?

Speaker 1: Hey, it's Haunt, how are you?

Speaker 2: I'm great, how are you?

Speaker 1: Good! I just wanted to, you know, let you know I was thinking about you walking home and I just wanted to say 'hey, what are you up to today?'

Speaker 2: Not much, just washing my hair.

Speaker 1: Oh, well I wouldn't want to take you away from something so exciting like that. If you need to take some time, that's OK.

Speaker 2: No, it's OK. I love talking to you so I don't want you to go.

Speaker 1: Oh, oh! That's great, though. I'm glad to hear that so I, you know, was just wondering what fun things you did today and what entailed that.

Speaker 2: I didn't really do a whole lot of fun, I mean, I hung out with some of my friends which was kind of fun but I kind of missed you. We haven't hung out today.

Speaker 1: That is nice to know. I missed you too; I was thinking of you and hoping I might get a chance to see you soon. I didn't know if you were going to be around; maybe later this evening we could chat some more. I don't want to take up all of your time now. I just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you. You know? You're awesome.

Speaker 2: That would be great; I'd love to talk to you later. I have to go rinse the conditioner out of my hair so if you could call me back in a couple of hours that would be great.

Speaker 1: I look forward to it.

Speaker 2: Alright, bye.

Speaker 1: Bye.


Speaker 1: So, you know, talking on the phone is one of those things that-

Speaker 2: Bugs me.

[Harder laughter]

Speaker 1: Absolutely. That's what I get from so many of you female clients. It's like, 'why do guys always text? Why do guys always text?' Making phone calls is very important for many reasons. One is to show that you're actually taking leadership upon yourself to make the phone call and that you care enough to do that.

Speaker 2: To dial a number.

Speaker 1: Yes, exactly. When we were dating, ourselves, it was the only way to communicate.

Speaker 2: Yes! Going back to the fact that guys really don't enjoy talking on the phone... to flirt on the phone as a woman to a man keep it short and sweet. Have a purpose to the phone call and have a purposeful ending of the phone call kind of like we did like 'I'll talk to you later'. It doesn't have to be three hours of conversation.

Speaker 1: Right, and you heard me say too that I was just walking home and wanted to say hey. I was a little tired and life is busy sometimes. I live in New York city and a lot of times when I'm walking to the store I know that I have ten minutes I can use to just call someone and check in and talk to someone and let them know that that they came up.

Speaker 2: That you care.

Speaker 1: Exactly! Absolutely, and one of the things in giving a message to a person is that 70 percent of it is body language, 20 percent of it is tone, and only ten percent of it is the actual words that are coming out of your mouth, which is why with email and stuff it can be difficult. When you're using the phone it's that next step up; they can hear you.

Speaker 2: Yeah. The inflection is such a big deal there so I always tell my clients to put a smile on their face before they call anybody.

Speaker 1: You can hear it in someone's voice when they have a smile on and it absolutely makes such a difference when they're talking like that. Don't answer mono and slow.

Speaker 2: I don't know what you're talking about. How would you do that?

Speaker 1: How was your day?

Speaker 2: It was good.

Speaker 1: Good.

Speaker 2: Great.

Speaker 1: Alright.

Speaker 2: Talk to you later.

Speaker 1: Bye. Make slight effort at least.

Speaker 2: Not fun.

Speaker 1: Especially the girls tend to like talking on the phone a little bit more. If the guys called you, then make a little bit of an effort for him.

Speaker 2: Yeah, absolutely. I agree.

Speaker 1: Alright.

Speaker 2: High five.

Speaker 1: Call you later.

Speaker 2: Can't wait!

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