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How to Flirt on Skype

Learn how to flirt on Skype in this Howcast video.


Rachel DeAlto:So, flirting on Skype. It's a digital age. Skype is an amazing tool.

Hunt Ethridge:Absolutely.

Rachel:First of all, it's free. And you can talk to people all over the world on it. And it's especially good in long-distance relationships.

Hunt: Key, clutch, in long-distance relationships.

Rachel:Huge, because you need to be able to see them. However, I just had to start off with saying that not everyone looks so hot on Skype.

Hunt: Yeah, well, that's just going to be the way it is. And understand that you're not going to be seeing the person in the best lighting and the best makeups and the best angles. So, many of the times, you got that up angle, not really attractive.

Rachel:I'm pretty sure I look like an alien on Skype. But if you are on a Skype.

Hunt: But, it does at least give you a little bit more of an interaction than a phone call does.

Rachel:I would say don't Skype with someone that you haven't met in person.

Hunt: I would agree with that. Yeah.

Rachel:Because it could be very uncomfortable if you fall out of attraction with them over a Skype thing. But, however, if you're talking to somebody and maybe they go away for a month to China, Skyping is a great way to continue the flirtation because you can actually make eye contact to an extent. They can see your smile. You can have flirty, fun conversation over it.

Hunt: But, you can see a little bit of the body language. You can see how people are taking what you're saying. So, it definitely adds a little bit more flavor to it, too. One of the things that I like, personally, about Skype is I get to get more of their world. When I've been talking to girls over Skype, back in the day, would show me your surroundings. Show me where you are so I can understand where you're going.

Rachel:Clean your room.

Hunt: Yes. Take a little bit of effort. Imagine someone's coming over to dinner. You've just got to put things away and make it an enjoyable experience for them.

Rachel:Because how many times have you been on a Skype with someone and you're like, "What is going on in the background"?

Hunt: Yeah. You've forgotten your underwear's on the floor over there or whatnot. But, it does help. When I talk on the phone to someone and they're like, "Oh, yeah. I'm laying in bed right now looking out the window." I can envision where they are and it makes me feel more a part of their life and where I am when that happens.

Rachel:I like that. Good Skype flirting.

Hunt: Yes. And be good.

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