Best Flirting Lines

Learn what are the best flirting lines in this Howcast video.


- Hunt Ethridge:Hey, Rachel, is that a mirror in your pocket?

- Rachel DeAlto:Why?

- Hunt:Because I can really see myself in your pants.

- Rachel:Ha, ha, ha.

- Hunt:This is a classic example of what not to do.

- Rachel:Ever.

- Hunt:Lines, pick up lines, do they work?

- Rachel:No, unless they're really funny, and you're not saying them seriously, but you have to be really funny, and most people that I have met aren't.

- Hunt:And if you are that funny, there's usually a lot of other things that you can say to do that.

- Rachel:Yeah.

- Hunt:However, I'm that some people have approached you and said some things that you liked, or that you heard. So?

- Rachel:Actually, one of the most memorable experiences that I had getting hit on, was a guy who just came across the bar and was like, "Hi, my name is Mike. What's yours?"

- Hunt:And tell me, and tell the people out there why it's so nice an impression.

- Rachel:Because he was confident, and he didn't try so hard, he was just himself. And he came up and he said hi, and we talked for awhile. I still wasn't interested, but at the same time, it just broke the ice without having all this bluff around it. So, you don't need to have these lines.

- Hunt:Right.

- Rachel:I wouldn't use any line.

- Hunt:One of the ones that I found that I just said completely honestly, me and my guy friends were in a bar, we're just hanging out, and there's a group of really pretty girls, and just guy after guy after guy just going up and failing miserably doing it. And I just, as I was passing them I said, "I just want to let you guys know that my friend and I are just having so much fun watching all these guys just crash and burn with you, it's having a blast," which is all that I was wanting to say.

- Rachel:Yeah.

- Hunt:Immediately she was like, "Oh, I know."

- Rachel:Oh my God.

- Hunt: . . . oh my God. Right? Yeah, it did."

- Rachel:Yeah.

- Hunt:But because it was coming in with like honest intentions, and wasn't expecting anything . . .

- Rachel:Yeah.

- Hunt: . . . to come out of it, then immediately they wanted to talk.

- Rachel:You didn't go up to her and say, "You know what? Gosh, you're so pretty, that's why all those guys are hitting on you." That's a completely different way to approach that situation. You need to go in on a way that doesn't feel like we need to put a guard up, especially with guys approaching women, because women have been approached their whole lives.

- Hunt:Daily. Multiple times.

- Rachel:And they're ready to put a wall up in a heartbeat, so making sure that you don't have that creep factor that comes with those lines is really key.

- Hunt:And, also, please don't go up to a girl and say, "Hey, my friend is really interested in you...

- Rachel:Oh my gosh.

- Hunt:...and wants to talk to you." Do it yourself.

- Rachel:Yeah.

- Hunt:Don't send someone to do your dirty work.

- Rachel:That still happens. In your forties, really? People are still doing that, so, yeah, have the confidence, have the gumption to actually approach somebody, and it already starts you off on a better foot.

- Hunt:But, like she said too, if you don't know what to say, "Hi, I'm Hunt."

- Rachel:"Hi. Rachel."

- Hunt:And see where it goes from there.

- Rachel:Well, I think it's really important for people to have conversation topics, and we've talked about this.

- Hunt:Prepare a little bit.

- Rachel:Have a little bit in your head, have a topic of food, or travel, or somewhere that you can talk about in the local area that's interesting.

- Hunt:"Did you see the latest viral video," even, or something.

- Rachel:"Yeah. Oh my gosh. Did you see that video with the people at the place?"

- Hunt:"Doing that thing?"

- Rachel:"Yeah, hilarious."

- Hunt:"Totally. man, That guy with the hat."

- Rachel:"Oh my gosh, he was crazy. I can totally be friends with him."

- Hunt:But yes, make sure you have something to talk about.

- Rachel:Yeah. And it doesn't have to be that difficult, using the environment that you're in, that's the only pick up line that I will ever suggest outside of "Hi." So, if you're at a restaurant, and you're waiting in line to get take-out, you're like, "Oh, what did you order? Did you order something better than me, because then I'm going home with you."

- Hunt:Yeah, you're at the bar, and you're seeing people over there, and you're like, "Wow, do you see that crazy couple over there? Oh my God, they were fighting at the table," immediately now you guys have a bond, and then you can go over some things. But they know you're trying too hard.

- Rachel:Yeah, don't try too hard.

- Hunt:It's never going to work.

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