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Best Places to Flirt

Learn what are the best places to flirt in this Howcast video.


Rachel DeAlto:My point is this, people can flirt anywhere, absolutely anywhere you can start a conversation and get your flirt on. But, there are some places that are better than others, and I've dedicated a whole chapter in my book really about finding the best places to flirt.

Hunt Ethridge:And.

- Rachel:And, coming in at number one is

- Hunt:I love meetup. I love meetup.

- Rachel:Amazing., for people that don't know about it, and this is so not a plug, I mean it's a plug, but it's not a paid for one. It is the easiest place to find groups of people interested in things that you want to do. So, there's all these different groups that you can join, whether it has something to do with food, or art, or working out, or there's people that hike in the mountains, all over the place.

- Hunt:I've talked to a lot of my clients and they say, "Well, I'm going out and trying things I don't normally do so I meet new people". And I say, "That's all great, but sometimes you forget about doing what you like to do."

- Rachel:Exactly.

- Hunt:If you're doing what you like to do, you are going to be in a great mood and people are going to want to get to know you, and even if you are not for them, they've got friends.

- Rachel:And that's the thing with the meet up groups, so you can go to a cooking class and you can meet some people. Maybe there isn't your ideal person in that class, but their friends might be your ideal person.

- Hunt:Exactly. "I met this great guy, good sense of humor, he was fun in my cooking class". Like, oh, wow, really?

- Rachel:I've got to set you guys up, that's how it goes. So, that would be my first choice, get up, meet up, and join some singles groups and join some...

- Hunt:Are you a part of any meet up groups?

- Rachel:I am. I run some meet up groups. I run New Jersey's and New York's best singles events.

- Hunt:I do some in Ransom, and Hoboken, and I actually joined New Jersey Riders that help me keep going a little bit.

- Rachel:Oh, I love it. Good work. Alright, so the next place that I would say is such a slam dunk to go meet people, is a hotel bar.

- Hunt:Especially, if you are of a certain age.

- Rachel:Yes, if you can't drink, please don't go to the hotel bar, if you're like 12. But if you're over age, and you're traveling, even if you are not traveling, you can go to hotel bars in your cities and meet people.

- Hunt:Interesting people. Especially in New York City, there's bars that cater to French, or German, or Italians, and you can meet so many fantastic and interesting people.

- Rachel:Absolutely, and the beauty of it is, is that everybody that's at a hotel bar, for the most part, they're solo. So, there's not these huge groups of people that are going to be intimidating to get in the middle of, or hard to start a conversation with. A lot of times if you go to a hotel bar solo, you're going to meet a lot of other people that are solo too, and start that conversation.

- Hunt:And, in the off chance that it goes very, very well...

- Rachel:You have a hotel room.

- are already set.

- Rachel:Another place that I love is a dog park.

- Hunt:How could you not like it?

- Rachel:I mean, borrow a dog, people, if you don't have a dog.

- Hunt:Yes.

- Rachel:Dogs are like, a natural bring-er together-er.

- Hunt:Magnet, if you will.

- Rachel:Magnet, if you will. You didn't like my new words?

- Hunt:Bring-er together-er?

- Rachel:Yeah.

- Hunt:I like it, though.

- Rachel:I do too. But, dogs are great and they're friendly and unless you have an angry dog. It's not a good idea to bring him to a dog park, but if you have a nice dog, go play at the dog park.

- Hunt:Everyone's happy when they are playing with a dog.

- Rachel:They are and you have a like-minded connection with a person that you meet there. "You love dogs? I love dogs!"

- Hunt:Exactly. It gives you a prop to talk about. "Aw, look at your dog." You immediately have things in common. You immediately have things to talk about.

- Rachel:Absolutely.

- Hunt:When you have a dog, it automatically shows the other people that you are caring, empathetic, and responsible. Those are some great qualities to know right off the bat.

- Rachel:Absolutely. And another thing, speaking of qualities, this is something I think a lot of people overlook. If you go to a church, or a temple, or a mosque, or any sort of religious activity, there are so many people there that are of your like-minded, you already have kind of the same foundation in terms of morals or beliefs, that it makes it really easy to meet other people.

- Hunt:Kind of starting at a level of goodness that you know that good people are going to come to. And these are the people that like you for you, and not because you like to go out and shoot pool, or you like to go out and drink, or whatever it is.

- Rachel:Exactly, so you don't have to go to the bar, I guess is what we are getting at right now.

- Hunt:Yep, exactly.

- Rachel:Except the hotel bar.

- Hunt: Hotel bars are good, and I do want to say to the hotel bars, If you are over 40, these are some of the greatest places to go to because of the travelers and things. I get asked by a lot of people that are past the age of dive bars, and clubs, and things too, and it's a great, common location to meet other like-minded singles.

- Rachel:I love it.

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