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What Not to Say When Flirting

Learn what not to say when you're flirting in this Howcast video.


Rachael DeAlto: So, we talk a lot about things to say when we're flirting, but there's a lot of stuff that we should never say.

Hunt Ethrideg: Oh, you got to shy away from some stuff.

Rachael: Yeah. I talk about this in my book because I have worked with so many people that they'll come to me and tell be about their first date and they're like, "I don't know what went wrong?" And then they're like, "Well, I just told them that I was ready to get married and have babies."

Hunt: Ooh!

Rachael: That's something that should never come out in a first flirtation, should never come out on a first date, a second date, or a third date.

Hunt: So, my Star Wars action figure collectibles... not on the first date?

Rachael: Yeah, keep that to yourself too. Now, medications you've been on...

Hunt: Therapies, I've had people talk about.

Rachael: Right? Oh my gosh,

Hunt: Bad (?).

Rachael: ... my therapist said I'm not ready to date yet.

Hunt: Oh, you're so much more fun than my ex-boyfriend that-

Rachael: I wish my husband wasn't in jail!

Hunt: Like, and these are things that people said. In this profession you hear a lot of stuff and it astounds me that people think that this is okay. Because of a lot of the digital media we tend to over share more than under share.

Rachael: Everything, yeah. I'm an over sharer but I still share within certain perimeters. And that's the thing, flirt within those perimeters. So, if you're going to talk to people, talk about light and fluffy things. Like, the next time that you're flirting with someone or if you're on a date with someone I want it like puppies and unicorns, really light and fluffy.

Hunt: Exactly, not gun control and abortion.

Rachael: Yes, never. No politics or religion.

Hunt: Yeah. The easiest way is to steer away from politics. Steer away from anything contentious like gay rights, gun control, and things like that because some of my best friends are completely anti some of my beliefs and we just don't talk about it so there's no reason to stir up a can of worms that you don't need to.

Rachael: Absolutely, so ask them about their favorite food.

Hunt: That can never god wrong. It's okra right?

Rachael: Yeah, okra.

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