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Body Language vs. Non-Verbal Communication

Learn the difference between body language and non-verbal communication in this Howcast video.


- Hunt Ethridge:So, there's a big difference between body language and non-verbal communication. Body language is obviously what you're doing with your body, what it says. Non-verbal communication is your actions, more so. For instance, is chivalry dead?

- Rachel DeAlto:No, it's not dead. It shouldn't be dead.

- Hunt:No, it's not. What are some of the nice things that people do, their actions that help?

- Rachel:Opening doors for us, helping us put on our coat, and I'm speaking fro the ladies point of view, we love that.

- Hunt:Absolutely.

- Rachel:So, doing something that does take some sort of action.

- Hunt:Yeah, and you'll see when people talk about the body language, yes, of course, it's the twirling of the hair to let them know you're interested, and leaning forward, and touches too. But if you don't follow that up with opening the door, helping them push in their chair, or with their jacket, or even some simple things as picking them up, from their house .

Rachel: Oh. I was like, "Picking them up?"

Hunt: Oh, that would be nice if there were a fire and you had to leave the building in a very fast rate. But, basically, too, like even when you're making the phone call you want to make it in a time where it's going to create emotion and time. That is non-verbal communication. That's feeding into the emotions.

So, it's just something you want to be conscience of. Also, for instance, If you want to make plans over the weekend, if you called on Monday it's too early because the energy level by the time it gets to the weekend is not right. So, maybe you want to make that call around Wednesday or Thursday. Emotion peaks in the middle and then they're thinking about it, and it comes up again.

Rachel: But, you don't want to make it on a Friday because then you're communicating that you're just not putting them at a priority level that they're worth.

Hunt: Right. Exactly.

Rachel: It's all about communicating without actually communicating .

Hunt: Yes, exactly. There's so many different languages in love. Hope you can figure them all out.

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