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Flirting & Dating

Learn if knowing how to flirt can solve your dating problems in this Howcast video.


Speaker 1: Can flirting solve your dating problems?

Speaker 2: Well, duh.

Speaker 1: Well, yes. But to a certain degree.

Speaker 2: Well, you could still be a bad dater, I guess. But if your dating problem is meeting people to date, then yes, it can absolutely solve that problem.

Speaker 1: I've got one on the other side. I've got an over-flirterer.

Speaker 2: Ohhhh.

Speaker 1: He doesn't know how to not flirt and not be playful. He's in his mid 30's now. That's fine when you're 22 or 23. But when you're constantly playful and flirting and touching and stuff...

Speaker 2: It gets old.

Speaker 1: It gets old. And the recipient doesn't know if there's any substance there if he doesn't take anything seriously, if everything is frivolous to him. Flirting is essential. Essential. But there's a time and a place. Learn to scale it back a little bit. If you're having an in-depth conversation, an emotional conversation, that might not be the right time to be teasing her or something.

Speaker 2: I think that goes back to he's a bad dater. He might be a good flirt but he's a bad dater. So you kind of need both. But you absolutely need to learn how to flirt to date.

Speaker 1: Yeah. You can not get further in life without the flirting. Just make sure you also have other things that you're bringing to the table. If you're just a great flirter, that just might mean that your great at appetizers.

Look there's four entrees to explore.

Speaker 2: Look at that dinner. And those desserts, too. Those look good.

Speaker 1: Mmmm, love desserts.

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