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How to Make a Dating Plan of Attack

Learn how to make a dating plan of attack in this Howcast video.


Hunt: You know what's one of the worst things to hear when you'e going out on a date right at the beginning? What do I do?

Rachael: Oh, that's a nonstarter.

Hunt: What's sexy in a guy?

Rachael: Having him take control of it...

Hunt: ...Right...

Rachael: ...He had planned out everything...

Hunt: ...He's got confidence, he's got leadership. Guys, you need to come in with a plan and stick to it, for the beginning.

Rachael: Yeah.

Hunt: As you start to develop, obviously, you want to improvise later on. But, most men, sorry guys, you're going to mess things up if left to their own accord. Right? We do have some...

Rachael: ...No, never.

Hunt: Basically, you want to come in. I'm going to pick her up. We're going to go here. Then, we're going to go there afterwards. You might come up with other ideas, but you know if you stick to this, you've got a plan, you're going to get there, and you're going to go with it. Do women like a man that's concise and knows what he wants?

Rachael: Absolutely. And part of the benefit of planning it is that you get to plan around things that she likes to do. Honestly, that's the best way to a woman's heart - that you're planning a date. So, you're doing all of the work, and you're doing it around things that she loves. She's done.

Hunt: If you can free flow a little bit more, what I always like to do is give the women some sort of a choice, but with plans. Say, okay, do you like Italian or Chinese better. I already have two different restaurants, either two reservations already set or places that I know that we can just walk into. So, she feels like she got to have some input into it. There is nothing worse than a woman trying to, at the moment, well we could do this and we could do that and we could do this.

Rachael: No. And, actually, don't go to the far right of that extreme, too. Because I was on a date once where the guy ordered for me.

Hunt: Oh, wow.

Rachael: I was like, is that really necessary. And he ordered things that I would never enjoy. So, let her have a choice...

Hunt: ...Right...

Rachael: ...and be that assertive man at the same time.

Hunt: But I know that for a lot of guys...

Rachael: ...But not too assertive...

Hunt: ...especially when you're nervous and going out on those first dates, when you've got somewhat of a plan, somewhat of an itinerary in your head, it's going to make you be a lot more comfortable and allow you to enjoy yourself on the date.

Rachael: Which is important.

Hunt: Very important.

Rachael: Have fun.

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