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Top 4 Neighborhoods to Visit in Amsterdam

Learn about the top four neighborhoods to visit when you're in Amsterdam with this Howcast travel video.


"All of Amsterdam’s districts are full of beautiful architecture and unique culture, making Amsterdam a great city to explore. The best neighborhood for architecture is the Grachtengordel, which is made up of 3 canals circling the old center of the city. In the 17th century, this was where the city’s wealthiest merchants built their
houses. Thousands of stunning canal houses and mansions have been preserved so they can still be appreciated today. The Jordaan district doesn’t have a history of wealth like the Grachtengordel, but it’s one of the most trendy and upscale districts in Amsterdam now. Live music, art galleries, and quirky stores and
restaurants thrive here. De Wallen, or “The Walls” is a beautiful neighborhood to walk through, with some of Amsterdam’s best canals and 16th-century architecture. It’s also where Amsterdam’s Red Light District can be found, but don’t let that discourage you from exploring, even if you’re not interested in what that district offers. Just go during the day, or go in groups and stick to the main streets at night. For a change of style, visit The Waterfront, or Het IJ. Beautiful modern architecture can be found here, along with spectacular views of the
water. Amsterdam’s mix of the old and the new make for a city with an offbeat charm evident in all of its neighborhoods."

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