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Top 4 Museums to Visit in Amsterdam

Learn about the top four museums to visit when you're in Amsterdam in this Howcast travel video.


Amsterdam has tons of museums worth checking out, but it’s best to visit just a few of the greatest if you want to make the most of your time. One of the most popular museums in Amsterdam is the Anne Frank House, the building where Anne Frank and her family hid during World War II, where she wrote the diary that would become world famous after her tragic death. Visit the restored rooms and learn more of her story. If you’re interested in art, the State Museum, Rijksmuseum, is home to some of the most famous pieces of artwork in the world, like Rembrandt’s The Night Watch and Vermeer’s The Milkmaid. The Van Gogh Museum contains the world’s largest collection of his works, along with work by some of his greatest contemporaries, such as Monet and Gauguin.For a change of style, the Stedelijk Museum is the place to go for contemporary and modern art. You’ll find everybody from Picasso to Warhol here, along with Amsterdam’s own greatest modern artists. Whatever Amsterdam museums you go to, you’re sure to find something interesting in this city, where the old classics and the offbeat coexist.

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