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Visiting the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

Pick up some tips on visiting the Anne Frank House in this Howcast travel video about Amsterdam.


"Amsterdam has seen a good deal of hardship in its long history. You can learn about those parts of Amsterdam’s history in places like the Anne Frank House, where Anne Frank and her family lived while Nazis occupied the city in World War II. They were able to hide in a secret annex of the building on the Prinsengract canal for over two years before they were betrayed. After Anne’s diary made her story famous, the building she wrote it in was preserved, restored, and made into a museum. Today, the Anne Frank House offers a close look into Anne’s personality and her life during World War II. You can see Anne’s original diary, the rooms she and her family lived in, the pictures Anne decorated the walls with, and more. Set aside plenty of time for your visit to the Anne Frank House; there’s a lot to take in–plus, since it’s one of Amsterdam’s most popular
attractions, there’s always a long line outside."

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