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Visiting Amsterdam's Canals

Learn about Amsterdam's canals in this Howcast travel video.


"Even if you do nothing else in Amsterdam, you have to explore the canals. They might just be the most impressive things you’ll find in the city, and it isn’t even hard to find them–they’re everywhere. Amsterdam’s nickname is Venice of the North, but at about 160, there are actually even more canals in Amsterdam than in Venice. They’re centuries old and stretch for miles, because the city was designed around them. There are well over a thousand beautiful bridges, so you probably won’t have time to cross them all, but you can still get the most out of the canals by taking a cruise on them–which happens to be the best way to take in Amsterdam’s beautiful, historic architecture. A variety of tours are offered, so be sure to search for one that appeals to you when you’re planning your trip. Amsterdam wouldn’t be the same without its canals, and you won’t really have seen Amsterdam until you’ve explored them."

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