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How to Set Up a Pedal Steel Guitar

Learn how to set up a pedal steel guitar in this Howcast video.


So here you are with your brand new pedal steel guitar and you just opened the box and what are you going to to? Wow. What is this thing, anyway?

Well, let's start out by figuring out how to put it together. Here's the rods for the legs and the rods, and here is the pedal rack. We'll put this aside for now. Now, the first thing we're going to do is to figure out which of these legs fits best for the pedal rack. I happen to know that these are the ones, but if you don't know, you'll want to check and make sure which one looks like it fits the best. Nice snug fit, all right.

So, the pedal rack is always going to go on the back part of the instrument as you're looking at it when it's open in the case like this. So, we're going to just screw these legs in and no sooner have we done that and we will put the pedal rack up on the legs. Now, if you'll remember that everything's upside down, so you want the pedals to be facing downward, and facing inside the guitar. These things, designs vary, but this is a very common way of doing it. Just release these, slide them over so they cover the leg to the maximum, and tighten it. Okay.

All right, so now the pedal rack is secure to the legs. Next thing we're going to do is put the rods on. In this case, there's three of them. Now, most commonly you will find the identifying number on a little collar on the rod here. There's three of them, and it says "one, two, three." So, starting from the right, you hook, this little hook goes into this part here, there's a little hole. You see these cross shafts here. You just look for the little places where these things attach, and they're going to look very much like this one does. Then this comes up over here. You pull down the little hood here, and it slides back up with the spring, and now you know it's attached. Just check it to make sure that it's good. Don't push down like I just did, pull up.

Okay, so that's rod number one. This is rod number three, so we're going to skip over one, two, three, for the third pedal. Pull down the little hood, slide it in, boom. Number two, as you'd expect, between the two, and so on and so forth. All right. Now all we need to do is get these two other legs assembled, and then the great moment will arrive. Be sure to get the angle proper because, guess we didn't follow the thread properly. Here we go. Okay.

All right. There you have the pedal steel assembled. Now, you want to lean over. Of course, be careful with your back. It's not super heavy, but maybe yours will be. And you just turn it over like this, and there you have it, the pedal steel guitar, fully assembled.

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