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How to Use the C Pedal on a Steel Guitar

Learn how to use the C pedal on a pedal steel guitar in this Howcast video.


The C pedal. This is easily the least used of the pedals but it has its own special qualities. Especially in combination with the B pedal.

By itself you hear it, it will raise the B and E pedals each a whole step. So by itself you can give it a nice, it's sort of, it's kind of a little suspension feeling.

Now you can tell a little dissonance there. I mean, it's a little salty but it's cool. Most commonly though you will use it in combination with the B pedal, in which case you've got a minor.

Lends itself to those sort of chattery kinds of pedal steel things that you've been dreaming about.

Anyway basically its most common use is going to be with the B pedal and it will give you a minor cord, two frets below the root that you want to make minor.

So if I want an A minor, I go down two frets to G and press the B and C pedals. Okay. Those are all minor cords. And there you have it.

So, that's it for the C pedal.

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