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How to Play Augmented Chords on a Pedal Steel Guitar

Learn how to play augmented chords in this Howcast video about how to play a pedal steel guitar.


Okay, finally now, how about augmented chords? Now, as I already described, the diminished chords were sort of when you squashed the chord down by flatting the third and flatting the fifth, reducing the distance between the root and the fifth. Augmented chords work in the opposite way. You start with a major interval, your root to the major third, and you add another one by augmenting, by raising the fifth.

So the simplest way to do that is to, exceptionally, usually you're going to strike your pedals full on, but in this case you just need a half climb on the A pedal. And the easiest way to do that is just simply to tease it just a little bit, not all the way, which is taking you all the way to sixth, you want the sharp five. So this requires just a little control. And that's your augmented chord. So this is your G. Your G augmented chord.

Another available way to do it, on the A and B frets, on the A, B pedals on the tenth fret where you have another G as you know, and B pedals down. Okay so our fifth is D. But, it's on the E string here, so what we're going to do is raise that with our F lever, and sure enough, and there's another augmented chord. Certainly suitable for all the uses you're going to have. And so those are a couple of augmented chords to get you started.

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