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How to Do Simple Turns in Zouk Dance

Learn how to do simple turns in zouk dance in this Latin dance video from Howcast.


Ashle: Hey. It's Ashle and Henri, and right now we're going to show you simple turns in Zouk.

Henri: Great. So we're going to demonstrate it first. So we start always with a basic step. So it goes one, chick, chick, five, chick, chick, one, chick, chick, five, chick, chick, one. Great. Easy.

Ashle: Now we're going to break it down.

Henri: Break it down for you. All right. So we're going to start with the basic step. And guys, what you're going to do for the leading is you're going to turn the ladies on count number five when they're going to the back. Okay. So the basic step, as we already learned before, you go back on the left, chick, chick, and forward with the right, chick, chick, back, chick, chick, forward, chick, chick, one. Now here after the chick, chick, chick, chick, when the ladies are going back, you're going to use that, and you're going to use your left hand to turn them to the left and go back to the basic step again. So literally the motion of your arm is this way. You bring it close to your chest, and you do a circle. It's like a little oval. Yeah? And going back to you. Always, like a boomerang, you're going to send them and come back to you. So let's do it one more time with the count. So you go. One, chick, chick, five, chick, chick, one, chick, chick, five, chick, chick, one.

Ashle: Okay. And so for the girl's part in the turn, when you feel your gentleman leading you into it, and you go from your basic, you know that you need to turn because you feel this initiation. So you're going to take left step around, pivot, and find him again and go right back into your basic, starting on the right foot. And right back.

Henri: Yes. Back and forth. And guys the only thing you need to remember is after you lead the lady into the turn, this is count number five, five, seven. Then you keep the rhythm, and you go back on the one. So you go back to your basic. Yeah. So you don't lose the rhythm.

Ashle: And something really important that I feel from Henri, as I go into the turn, he's not just letting me go. You have ot stay in contact with your partner. So if he just releases me, and then I don't know where to go, I float away from him. Then you've lost your girl.

Henri: Yes. So always keep in contact with your lady. So it goes one, three, four, five. Grab her back and one. So now let's try it with some music for you. And we start with the slows as usual. Yeah. We love the slows in Zouk. Yes. Waves and sways. And with the basic, one, chick, chick, five, chick, chick. And we get ready, and on count number five, seven, and one, chick, chick, five, chick, chick, one, chick, chick, five, chick, chick, one, chick, chick, back, and we can do slow again. And that was your simple turn in Zouk, left turn.

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