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How to Do the Zouk Washing Machine Dance Step

Learn how to do the zouk washing machines dance step with this Latin dance video from Howcast.


Speaker 1: Hi guys this is Henry and Ashley. We're going to show you our last video
in the zouk series. It's called the Washing Machine.

Speaker 2: That's what we're going to call it.

Speaker 1: That's how we're going to call it, all right. So let's demonstrate the
step for you. So you do a basic, one five 1 5
1 5 1 5. And on this side. And we're goint
to go faster. And one. So that's a washing machine. Exactly. So let's break
it down for you. Really, see the main thing of this mulitsola body
body movement guys. So there's four directions you can go with your upper
body. It's really simple. And if you see, Ashley was following. I'm also
doing it. I'm leading it, but I have to do the little stuff too, do the
movement as well. In a smaller version of it. OK?

So ribcage is going to go to the right. It's going to go back. It's going
to go to the left. And it's going to go forward. So it goes right. Someone
is pushing you in the right side. Someone is pushing you in the stomach.
Someone is pushing you to the left. And you stick them out. And it goes.
And one and two and three and four. And one and two and three and four. And
we can smooth it out. We smooth it out. We smooth it out. And we go to the
other side. And smooth it out. And smooth it out. And also it can go even
faster. All right good.

Speaker 2: It helps to keep your knees bent. Be aware that if you stay straight and
you try and do this, it's going to feel horrible. So make sure you're
really planted into the ground.

Speaker 1: So here guys. So how are you going to do this? You're going to do a
basic step. One, three, four, five. But on this one, the hold is going to
be different. We're going to do a closed hold, and you're going to put both
of your hands in the lady's shoulder blades. So you are slightly more open
so you can create more movement. So after the basic step, you're going to
do one, three, four, five. You take another basic to get it set up, your
position. Seven, and, on count number one of the two, you're having the
lady to your left side which is going to be her right, and you go to your
right. One. Yes? So repeat that. One.

From here, you're going to lead the lady away from you, so you stretch both
of your arms then you go to left, using her to your right which is her
left, and the last one you bring to the center, and then you repeat. One,
two, three, and four. Also we can go to the other side, and right, back,
left, and forward. And right, and back, and left and forward.

Speaker 2: And if you watch, as we were just saying, my knees are staying bent. So
as Henry's leading me, I'm bending into the side that he's leading me to.
And I'm allowing myself to bend both, and lean into the sides. If you don't
bend at all, then you're going to end up looking like a zombie.

Speaker 1: Yep. And when we say bend our knees, we mean that you soften your knees,
but you don't want to squat too much because if you squat too much, it's
going to look like this. I want to look like a washing machine. So
softening your knees, your spine can move around. And, important thing,
guys, you need to feel with the hand so that literally. Let me demonstrate
the move with the hands, it's like this. You go to the left, and then go to
the right. Goes to your left, and goes to the right. If I put it through
Ashley, and Ashley's body goes like that. See? It relates to it.

Speaker 2: And girls, you're just resting your arms on top. You're not pushing
down. You're not wishy-washy. You're just resting, so that way you can feel
that motion, and fell where he's going and just follow it.

Speaker 1: Now let's demonstrate with the music. Again, slow. You work on your
waves. You work at your threads. And we go back to the base. One
five one five, and whenever you're ready, put the arms up.
So you're setting up yourself for the next position. Right. And here we go.
One five one. Other side. Here we go. And when you're ready, on the two we
go back. And it's one more time, but now, a little more syncopated. More
sharper. Basic. And that was your...

Speaker 2: Washing machine.

Speaker 1: Yeah, you can call it dryer if you want to. Whatever you want. Something
that shakes. Yes?

Speaker 2: Socks?

Speaker 1: Socks, yes.

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