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How to Do Latin Dips for Women

Learn how to do Latin dips for women with this dance video from Howcast.


- Ashlé:Hey, this is Ashlé and Henri. Right now, we're going to show you the technique to do dips in any form of dance for women. So, the principles will be the same in any style of dance. What you want to think about, when you feel the gentleman about to lead you into a dip, you don't want to just collapse. And lots of times, as females, we tend to get really excited. We say, "Yeah, just catch me." There's actual techniques so, that way, you don't end up on the floor, especially after a few drinks.

So, and you feel like I invite you into a dip, you're going to lean in and we're just going to dip. We'll talk about that and break it down because the legs have a technique, the middle has a technique and the upper body has a technique.

As you feel yourself being brought into a dip, you want to keep the legs straight. If you notice here, I'm demonstrating that I have my left leg in front. I'm going to hold on to Henri, here, and I'm going to lean back from my upper and lower back, first. And then when I feel that he has me, I can bend my knees and dip a little bit more.

You never want to just go into it and just collapse in your upper body. Or, just drop with your legs. It's a two-step process. You feel the legs go first. You say, "Okay. I know he's got me. Now, I can bend my knees and let myself go a little bit further."

So, the technique for that, if we're not partnered up, basically, you're going to be leaning. You can see here, as we demonstrate side by side, the body technique. You're lifting up through the legs, you're going to arch in your lower-back first and then when you feel comfortable, you can bend the legs a little bit.

Now, something to be careful of as you get into it. Make sure that you don't put stress in the neck, you end up here. Relax the body, relax the upper body and just let your head hang. Now, there's a variation with the legs. If you're with the guy and he wants to dip you a little bit lower, you can keep that front leg straight and lean here. As soon as I sit down, I lost it, so you want to stay supported up, pull up through and reach long.

Here, you have two variations. The straight leg or both legs bent. That's your dip.

- Henri:Let's do it with some music. This time, we're going to be improvising. We're doing a little hip hug dance with your partner. And suddenly, the guy is going to grab you. And you keep dancing.

- Ashlé:And then, we'll do it a little bit lower with my legs straight, so you can see what another variation would look like.

And there you have a couple variations. The female technique to do dips.

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