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How to Do Latin Dips for Men

Learn how to do Latin dips for men with this dance video from Howcast.


Henry: Hey guys, I'm Henry, and this is Ashley, and right now we are going to talk to you and show you the other technique for dips, for the leader, for the male, to lead them correctly, okay?

So, the main thing about dips is that when you are dipping the person you are dancing with, the main concept is that you think you have to go down. That is actually a lie. Let me show you how it is an illusion. Now, the main principle is that you want to use gravity to your advantage. Everything is going to go down naturally, rather than you pulling things down. Let me show you with Ashley. If I want her to go to my right, I wouldn't want to set her down like that because it looks funny and it is too much for the lady. So, you want to lead them up and them dip them so that you support them. In other words, I will show you here, if I want her to look this way, I don't send her to my right, but I lift the left side, and then it happens naturally. If I go to the other side, I lead the right side, and she's going to up here a little bit. If I want her to go back, I lift her towards me and up. Or even the other way, then we just go like that.

So that's a different concept. It is always counter-balancing your partner, so when you do a dip, you always lift them up, so that way they don't feel like they're falling. And of course I'll explain for the lady's other part, which they are going to hold themselves up through the hips, keeping your center of gravity upwards. For instance, we are going to a simple move that we show in the previous video with Ashley. Dancing video partner, in slow motion, and then you bring them into this side. You will embrace the lady, hug them, and in this case you can put this along top and lift their backs up so that the ladies are comfortable. If you go lower, you don't want to go lower using the stuff in your knees, but you keep them up. Even though we're going down, we're lifting them up. Okay?

Ashley: Dips can get scary, guys. All of a sudden you are pulling your female, bringing her down to the floor, and she might get a little too excited so you want to make sure that you really have her.

Henry: Yes. So, what we talked about, thought about giving to each other. We give, we can manage through the dip, or we take away using our arms, it won't work. You want to use your entire body to dip comfortably, relax, and of course, sexy. Okay? We are dancing. In the club you're dancing, and then you dip, the main thing, guys, we use to connect with a lady. Don't try to dip them with hogging them. You can slow down and then give the signal. And then we come back up. All of this connecting with your legs. Another one, yeah? A little bit lower. Don’t forget to relax, using your arms, and don't forget to breathe. That's right, very good. And that's your technique for dips for the male part.

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